Don’t Be So Shallow!

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.” Psalm 42:7

It’s that time of year again! The time many of us travel to the beach and soak up some sun (or get burnt for my fellow fair-skinned people). A time for us to take perfect pictures, maybe even pretty enough to not even need a filter and just try to enjoy some hard earned rest and relaxation.

Whether you are beach lover or not, I think we can agree that seeing the ocean expand as far as the eye can see is a breathtaking sight. I have always enjoyed this view and have even ventured out to enjoy the waters, although the older I get the more I enjoy the pool. Regardless, we all know that as relaxing as the sound of crashing waves are while we get our tan have a different effect on us than when we are out there. Sometimes they can even knock us down, especially for those us who are already vertically challenged but I digress.

The deep can be scary. We want the familiar. We want things the way they have always been even if that means settling so we don’t rock the boat (pun totally intended).

So why is it that God calls us to go deeper in our spiritual walk?

Because if we stay in the shallow end there is no challenge. There is no change. And there is no chance of something new.

If the enemy can trick us and have us stay where we have always been he wins because we won’t be effective in furthering God’s kingdom.

But if we dare to go deeper He will give us strength and a peace like we have never known. We do this by diving deeper into His word, growing in our relationships with others, and knowing who we are in Christ.

Friend, I am praying that you have a heart that allows God to take you deeper even when you are scared. In those moments of concern or fear, just remember our Savior walks on water and always pulls us up when we start to sink under the weight of our worries. (Matthew 14:22-32).





Dear Younger Me

I read a quote this morning that said, “Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters.” It was really fitting seeing as how I spent the majority of the morning looking at pictures. From my baby book to my Senior book (and yes, even Facebook) I took the time to really look at each picture.  Seeing pictures of Nanny and Papoo holding me when I came home from the hospital made my heart ache because I miss them so much. Seeing our young family without all the cousins that would come in the future makes me wonder how I ever lived without them. I smiled at the goofy things I did as a child and reminisced about how carefree my childhood was.

Flash forward to school years and the many friends that have come and gone. Some only stayed for a season while some have been in it for the long haul. Needless to say, I also came across a few pictures of boys who had broken my heart and if I’m being completely honest, there were a few hearts that I probably broke along the way too. Each has left a mark on my life and I hope they would say the same about me.

Time flies, there’s no doubt about that but isn’t it something that you don’t truly treasure a moment until it’s over? Granted, I don’t remember my early childhood but thankfully Mama and Daddy took plenty of pictures and have told me so many stories that I feel like I remember them. What I wouldn’t give to go back and tell that insecure high school that everything will indeed work itself out.

I’ve been on this planet for 26 years and some odd months and it’s obvious God has blessed me in many ways, most of which I have taken for granted.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You see, we all have a story and it continues to be written every single day by the choices we make. Those choices end up making us whether we choose to believe that or not. Honestly, there are some days I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and feel like a grandma (my friends can totally back me on this). However, I’m so grateful for the lessons I have learned and while I wish I hadn’t had to have experienced the heartbreak I wouldn’t trade it for the world because these are lessons that I not only get to share with you but with my kids one day when they feel like they are facing this for the first time.

So here it is.. a letter that I wish my younger self would have known.

Dear younger me,


First and foremost,  you have things to offer this world that God has blessed you with. He gave you specific interests and strengths so spend time crafting those instead of wasting time trying to be like someone else, chances are they want what you have.

That guy that has your attention and maybe even your heart? Please remember that God looks at the heart, not appearance ( 1 Samuel 16:7). Does he live a life for Christ or  for himself? (This is a tough me I know!)

When it comes to any type of relationship please remember, it is true to never judge someone based on what chapter you have walked in on their life but it is also important to never justify their actions if they never change. Praying for the best for someone is great. Seeing the best in someone is a strength. But never let the idea of seeing the best version of someone blind you from seeing who they truly are. Never become less than who you are for someone who means more to you than you do to them.

Please remember to give as much grace to yourself as you extend to others. Unfortunately not everyone will appreciate you but I promise if you just do you people will notice. So please just remember to love deeply no matter how many times you have been hurt.

Stop trying to live by the standards and expectations of this world (this is another tough one!). The truth is, God has a specific plan and journey that He has called you to take part in and I promise it’s anything but boring.

And if anyone hasn’t told you lately…

 You are enough.

You are amazing.

And you are loved more than you can imagine!

So take a deep breath, smile and praise the Good Lord that time does indeed have a way of showing you what truly matters.

Much love,

Your future self

I really do pray you that this post helped you out. Feel free to like, comment, and share it.

P.S. To the girls in this picture (or to anyone else who is reading this) remember that you are indeed one of a kind and oh, so priceless! 😊