Don’t Be So Shallow!

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.” Psalm 42:7

It’s that time of year again! The time many of us travel to the beach and soak up some sun (or get burnt for my fellow fair-skinned people). A time for us to take perfect pictures, maybe even pretty enough to not even need a filter and just try to enjoy some hard earned rest and relaxation.

Whether you are beach lover or not, I think we can agree that seeing the ocean expand as far as the eye can see is a breathtaking sight. I have always enjoyed this view and have even ventured out to enjoy the waters, although the older I get the more I enjoy the pool. Regardless, we all know that as relaxing as the sound of crashing waves are while we get our tan have a different effect on us than when we are out there. Sometimes they can even knock us down, especially for those us who are already vertically challenged but I digress.

The deep can be scary. We want the familiar. We want things the way they have always been even if that means settling so we don’t rock the boat (pun totally intended).

So why is it that God calls us to go deeper in our spiritual walk?

Because if we stay in the shallow end there is no challenge. There is no change. And there is no chance of something new.

If the enemy can trick us and have us stay where we have always been he wins because we won’t be effective in furthering God’s kingdom.

But if we dare to go deeper He will give us strength and a peace like we have never known. We do this by diving deeper into His word, growing in our relationships with others, and knowing who we are in Christ.

Friend, I am praying that you have a heart that allows God to take you deeper even when you are scared. In those moments of concern or fear, just remember our Savior walks on water and always pulls us up when we start to sink under the weight of our worries. (Matthew 14:22-32).





Praying Through

One of my favorite Gospel songs is “Sanctuary.”

If you aren’t familiar with it it goes like this..

Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary

Pure and holy

Tried and true

With thanksgiving 

I’ll be a living

Sanctuary for you.

Simple but  oh so powerful!

How often do you find yourself putting God in a box?

We know that He is all powerful but still have trouble comprehending His all consuming and never ending power that we think if we humanize him that He will make more sense to us. But the truth is, we should be praising Him and thanking Him that he can’t be fully described!!

Can I get real with y’all for a minute?

I want the blessings without the burdens. The triumphs without the trials. And the peace without the problems.

That’s just not how it works though is it?

We’ve all faced and will continue to face hard times because this is a fallen world. I can’t begin to explain why bad things happen to good people and no amount of news coverage can begin to explain why tragedies happen. We are all human and fail. But God is God and will always prevail. 

Remember The One you are praying to while you are praying through.

He hung the stars in place and knows them by name.

He calms the storm by just the sound of his voice.

He moves mountains and says that even our faith, even if it is just the size of a mustard seed, can move it as well.

He has a plan and a purpose for your life and sees way beyond the problem in front of us.

Some of my favorite verses come from James which says,

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4

I used to struggle with that “pure joy” part but I can say this..

All of the trials I have faced have not only helped me understand myself more but more importantly who my God is!

I don’t know about you but that gives me joy just thinking about it!

I don’t know what storm you are facing right now but God does. In my past I have run from him and I have also ran to him and I can say with absolute certainty that the times I ran straight to him I found peace and shelter no amount of words can explain. So friend, please seek out The One who always has His eye on you and keep praying through. He will make a way! 🙂