It’s OK To Let Go

When I was a little girl, my favorite activity on the playground was the swings and the slides. Most of my friends would join me but they would often get bored and want to try something else and most of the time that meant going to the monkey bars. Wanting to stay part of the group, I would often run off with them and climb the first few bars and then stop. I was comfortable there and didn’t want to risk getting hurt. Of course I had some friends who not only climbed to the top but would hang upside down and do all kinds of tricks.

One time I evenĀ got braver and ventured a little father only to realize that I was way out of my comfort zone and I froze in fear. Continue reading


Looks Can Be Deceiving

When I was little, I LOVED Barney. So naturally, when one of my friends had a Barney themed birthday party I was stoked! I couldn’t believe that I was going to finally get to meet my childhood hero. 

When Barney made his arrival my friend and I thought we would be brave and go up and hug him and for some reason we thought it would be best to sneak up behind him. What happened next was one of the most traumatic experiences in my young life….

 We went in for the hug and due to the cheap costume his tail fell off in our very hands! 

Instead of seeing the “real” purple singing dinosaur, we saw him for what he was, a fraud. 

How often are we fooled by the enemy’s charades? He is smart enough to get us fooled because he knows how easily we are fooled by appearances. 

The only way to decipher his tricks is to be in The Word and to be in prayer so the Holy Spirit can guide us on paths that are only for our good, even if those paths require patience. 

Just think of how Joseph’s story would have ended if he hadn’t trusted in God’s timing and perfect plan. Or if David would have just stuck to shepherding instead of going to face Goliath. 

We each have a story and a purpose and it’s up to us everyday to try to be the author of it or give it to the Great Author Himself. 

What will you choose?