The Game of Life 

I absolutely love board games! They just have a way of not only bringing  joy and laughter but bringing  others together as well.

My  all time favorite game is LIFE.I distinctly remember this one time I played it with my little cousin. To say it was amusing is an understatement. (I should have known it would be when she asked me if I wanted to play the game of LOVE). Little did I know God was going to use that game time to speak to me like He always does.

After we laid out all the pieces and picked out our cars I asked her if she wanted to start on college or start a career. She got this puzzled look on her face and shrugged and  said, “I just want to go to kindergarten!”.

I couldn’t help but laugh at first but the more I thought about it the more I realized there was a lot of truth in what she was saying.

She was just telling me that’s where she knew she needed to be.  After all, she had already picked out her new outfits and new backpack. She was ready for some kindergarten!

I found myself a little envious at her simple viewpoint but the more I thought it about I realized that maybe I make things harder than they need to be. Do you find yourself doing the same thing too?

How often do we get caught up in our to-do lists and calendars and forget to stop and thank God for where we are and seek His will for our life? We should never get too busy that we forget that we need to be where God has called us to be. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I get impatient when things don’t go according to my time schedule but I thank God that He is not limited to my time table and even in the frustration, He is always working things for my good. That’s His promise for every believer!

We can all agree that there are multiple twists and turns in this life but as long as we keep God in the driver’s seat there is nothing too big or scary that we cannot overcome. After all we are more than conquerors in Christ!


Leaving a Legacy

There’s just something about small towns and Friday night lights.  Having grown up in the South my whole life, football has always been a way of life but last night was even more special.

Bibb County High School celebrated 100 years of football last night. These past 100 years have brought about countless  victories and even some NFL players. But it was the reunions of former team mates and the memories they shared that mattered last night. It was generations of families all representing one team. It was not only former football players but former cheerleaders, majorettes, and dancers who have all gone on different walks of life coming back home to walk on the field where so many memories were made. One town coming together with a common bond.

You see, if you aren’t from a small town it’s hard to explain. It’s a part of who you are and on special occasions such as this, it’s a reminder of where you have come from. It’s a time to remember but also a time to see how far you have come.

Most of all it reminds us that like Kenny Chesney says in his song “Don’t Blink”, 100 years really does go by faster than you think.