The Waiting Game

 Can I be completely honest with you? I’m sick of waiting.

I’m sick of waiting for the perfect boyfriend, the perfect job, the perfect hair day, etc.

Some days are easier than others but some days just make me want to fast forward and do things my way. I’ve been down that road though. I know the sting of regret that comes with it and know that God promises to work ALL things for good for me because I am his daughter and he is the God of the universe. He totally has whatever I’m waiting for covered.

The enemy whispers that I deserve more and if I’m being honest, most days I fall for that lie every single time.

Perhaps you recognize a few of them….

If you don’t go out and try the ways of the world you will never fully live your life. (Most of the time this is an easy lie to spot but satan is sneaky and will always hit you where you are weakest).

If you forgive someone it makes you weak.(Huge lie- in fact makes you that much stronger).

Thing are the way they are and they will always be that way. (False! My God is a God of redemption and healing and there is no choice and no person that he can not transform through His Holy Spirit!)

There are many others but maybe you at least identify with one of these and if you are like me you realize that you seek more and more you end up feeling l less and less. This world may never run out of desires to offer us but it will always fall short of giving us what we truly need. It’s full of half promises but  remember, a half promise is a full blown lie.

So, if you find yourself like me always asking “what am I waiting for?” I have some good news. The Lord tells us in Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord!”

I love this verse and the hope that it brings but I still find myself asking “How long Lord?”.

There are countless times in the Bible where people were left asking the same question. David for instance is the one who wrote Psalms and had many incidences where he looked to the Lord for guidance. After all, even God said he was a man after His own heart, far be it from perfect though (check out 2 Samuel 11- it reads like a Lifetime movie).

One other person I think of that faced long periods of waiting is Joseph. Not only was he the favored son of Jacob but he also had the gift to interpret dreams. This obviously caused a rift between him and his brothers. So much so, they conspired together and sold him into slavery. To be betrayed by family is enough to send anyone reeling but Joseph remained faithful to God and trusted his plan, however difficult it was to understand.

After living in Egypt for some time, an Egyptian official named Potiphar took notice of Joseph’s hard work and asked him to go work for him. Genesis 39:2 even says “The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered,”. That was until Potiphar’s wife took notice of him, for other reasons. She constantly tried to gain his approval but he always ignored her advances. Finally, she cornered him and he fled but left his cloak which gave her the chance to devise a lie about how he had tried to come on to her (talk about a desperate housewife). After she told her husband he had Joseph put in jail.

Now at this point you are probably asking “Is the Lord still with Joseph?”

The answer is- Yes!

Genesis 40:21-23 tells us, “the Lord was with him and showed him kindness.”

In a strange number of events Joseph was able to walk out of prison and was put in charge of all of Egypt because of his gift of to interpret dreams. The famine came just as he had interpreted and the famine even caused some unsuspecting guests to find their way into Egypt, the very brothers who had betrayed him. They didn’t even recognize Joseph but after a turn of events, he revealed who he was (they had presumed he was dead) and Joseph was reunited with all of his family, including his father and he even saved his land from famine.

Don’t you just love that what the enemy intends for bad God turns it around and uses it for good?

What a mighty God we serve! He’s the only one who holds our lives in his hands and he orchestrates every single detail. He is indeed a good good father and wants only the best for his children.

Psalm 94:19 also says, “When anxiety is great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

Did you catch that? he brings joy to our soul!  I don’t know about you but I would rather have everlasting joy than temporary happiness!

So if you are worried, scared, or frustrated tell God about it. Don’t hold back, he already knows all our thoughts anyway!  And don’t forget to tell him about your joys and triumphs as well!

He longs to be with us in the good times just as much as when he helps us in the tough times.

Ask him for guidance.

Ask him for understanding.

And above all ask Him to give you a heart that chases after Him.

When your eyes are on Him, you will see Him in everything you do.  And yes, you can even find him in the midst of waiting too. 🙂