Encourgement, Faith

Faith and Friendship.

Tonight I had the privilege of having dinner with a dear friend from high school and her husband. After we got over the shock that it has been almost SEVEN years since receiving our diplomas, our conversations turned to things we had faced together. Some things  we wanted to remember and some we just want to forget. But nevertheless, we both walked away tonight happy to have caught up and seeing our friendship continue to grow.

When I got home I texted her and told her how great it was to catch up and that I couldn’t wait until we got to do it again. She then sent me one of the sweetest texts which said that she admired me and our friendship which obviously just blessed my heart!

But that got me thinking, how often do I read God’s word and all the wonderful promises it holds and truly treasure them as promises made to me? We all crave praise. We all crave friendship. We all crave acceptance.

All we have to do is ask God to open our eyes and our heart and there are countless opportunities to see Him at work in our lives. He doesn’t just give us friendship. He gives us fellowship. He doesn’t just give us acceptance. He adopts us and calls us His own. He doesn’t just like us or tolerate us. He loves us with a love that we will never be able to fully comprehend.

So how about we all (myself included) make it our goal to ask God everyday to reveal something new about Himself to us?  And remember, you are never too far out of reach for Him to pull you up and show you what He has called you to be.


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