If You’re Gonna Have a (Great) House Party….

Ask anyone and they will tell you I’m not a big partier, although I have been known to be the life of the party. 

But I have found that when you have great friends and great family you can make any night a fun night! 

I’m going to share a few ways (ingredients if you will) to have a great house party!   

   We decided to have a game night that consisted of Uno and Mexican Train so what better way to tie in a Mexican supper?  

   You know you have good friends when they run to Dollar General with you to pick up cool whip for this delicious dessert…. 
   Once you have that ready, make sure you are in for a fun night of games!  

   And a great playlist! Ours consisted of T-Swift, Disney, and Eighties classics. Highly recommended!  

And if that doesn’t work there’s always these wonderful candies from Heaven.  

 By the way, if you and your friends can’t enjoy these then I don’t know what can help you.

Finally just make sure you enjoy your company and make the most of every moment. And don’t forget to LAUGH!  

Disclaimer: these are nonalcoholic piƱa coladas. It is totally possible to have fun without alcohol ;).

I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any ideas for great house parties I would love to hear them. Until next time!  


Seeking Your Miracle

Today at church, our pastor talked about the difference in surviving and thriving. Surviving is just getting through the day while thriving means growing vigorously where God has placed you. On the surface, it can seem hard to break free and find the abundant life that God promises to offer us (John 10:10). But deep down, we know our souls long for growth, encouragement, relationships, peace, and joy. Where do we find this? There is no other way but God!

We all know that God is our creator and that He is capable of doing anything at anytime. What’s another word for this? That’s right, a miracle. To put it simply,a miracle is something ONLY God can do.

Miracles look like different things to everyone but there is one common denominator, when you look back on it you know without a doubt that it could not have been accomplished without divine intervention from God.

For example, I recently had to step down as the Pre-k teacher at the church I worked at because I needed a job with benefits. Not only was I devastated at the thought of not being able to teach my little ones, I remember how scared I was when I said that it was time for me to leave. I didn’t have any other job offers and I knew my bills were going to keep coming but I kept hearing God say “Just trust me.”

A few weeks later, I was offered a job as a Summer camp counselor which has been an amazing experience and then two weeks ago I was offered a job as a preschool teacher in the public school system! It’s important to note that this is their very first year to have a Pre-k program! If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is!!

Time and time again, God continues to show me His faithfulness and it blows me away every single time. He is continuously at work in my life and your life too. If you sincerely ask Him to show you His will for your life and to seek after His heart, you will see all that He has for you and all that He has planned for your life.

One more thing about miracles,don’t make the mistake believing that they happen every once in a while like shooting stars. Our God is alive and is constantly orchestrating our lives and wants to hear from us. By continuously opening up to Him (it doesn’t have to be a lengthy or profound prayer) and telling him our desires we are more likely to see all the miracles that take place in our lives instead of taking them for granted.

So what about you? What has God done in your life? What miracles has he performed? What miracle are you seeking? I would love to hear back from you even if it is just to pray for you! In a world that seems to be so full of negative news let’s share about the positive and be the light in a dark world.