Are You In God’s Hands?

Have you ever found yourself trying to take matters in your own hands? Just when you think you have it under control an unexpected bill comes up or you have an argument with a friend or spouse. It’s only then when you find yourself calling on God for help.

I know. I’ve been there too, but keep reading and you might find the same encouragement I did!

We all know the story of Daniel. He was very faithful and God blessed him abundantly. After awhile though, other people began to resent Daniel and devised an evil plan to kill him. I’ll be the first to admit that I admire Daniel’s faith. When he was told that he could not pray anymore he kept on being faithful and even kept his window open. When he went against the law of his land he was thrown into the lion’s den. Evil had looked like it had won, but the story didn’t end there. Early the next morning, King Darius rushed down to the lions den to check on Daniel and was shocked when he heard Daniel’s voice. 

Verse 22 tells us,” My God sent His angel to shut the lions’ mouths. They haven’t hurt me, for I was found innocent before Him. Also, I have not committed a crime against you my king” (HCSB).

Did you catch that?

God sent his angel to shut the lions’ mouths so why should we, being children of God, try to take matters into our own hands?

So what are you facing today that you know you can’t face alone? If you are a child of God, he is right beside you begging you to give him your problems. If you have yet to have a relationship with God, he wants that more than anything.

Just seek Him in all you do and everything will go according to His plan. It might not look like the plans you have for yourself but I guarantee you that it will be better than you ever dreamed.

What a mighty God we serve!!