What Are You Hiding Behind?

What’s the one thing that you are afraid to tell someone about? It could be anything, but we are all hiding something.

Last week I went to a youth conference and the speaker preached about Adam and Eve. We all know the story, but this time I saw it in a whole different way and felt led to share it with you as well. After Adam and Eve disobeyed, they immediately put fig leaves on to hide. The preacher pointed out that like Adam and Eve, we are hiding behind our own “fig leaves.” This can be anything from insecurity to addictions. Not only is this hazardous to ourselves, but it is hazardous to every other relationship in our lives. Every relationship we build with a fig leaf is a lie. I know this isn’t easy to hear but the good news is that we can change this!

I had never given much thought to Genesis 3:21 before this sermon but allow me to share it with you: “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.(NIV)” This was the first time that a sacrifice was made because of sin. It’s also the the first indication of salvation! Adam and Eve had to tell God what had happened (not that he didn’t already know) and when they confessed he made a way for them to still be protected and cared for. He still wanted a relationship with them! He removed the fig leaves and replaced it with clothing. The best part about this is that God does not turn away from us and our problems! He just asks that we come to him and tell him what problems we have and he removes the fig leaves and gives us something better.

So what does that mean about the other relationships in our life? If we can get back to the love God wants for us we have to recognize the fig leaves. We all have them and it’s not easy to talk about. First, just talk to God about it. He already knows our heart. Second, be honest with yourself. With God working through you and you having a ready and willing spirit, there will be blessings that come out of it. And finally, just be honest to others. We all hide behind masks at times but the truth always has a way of making itself known. If the people you are surrounded by truly love and support you, there is absolutely nothing to big to make them turn away from you.

So what fig leaves are in your life? Please know that there is nothing to big or daunting that the Almighty God can’t fix. All he asks is that you trust him and he will love you and care for you in everything you face.

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