“It’s Christmas Time in the City…”

I can’t believe this wonderful weekend is coming to a close! I hope all my Southern friends enjoyed their winter wonderland as much as I did and got some much-needed rest and relaxation in what’s typically a very busy Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas, I had the opportunity to go see Miracle on 34th Street at the Alabama Theatre today! To say they go all out is an understatement. I mean…..





Amazing right?!

It really is like stepping back in time and also a way to capture the wonder and amazement you felt when watching a Christmas classic for the very  first time.

IMG_4798If you can, make sure to bring some good friends and family to make it an even better experience! (Seeing the remaining snow on churches and trees was just the”icing” on the cake).

If you are anywhere near the Birmingham area I highly recommend going.Here’s a list of movies that are playing for the rest of the season: https://alabamatheatre.com/events/.

Have any of you experienced a Christmas movie at the Alabama Theatre yet? If so, which one? I do hope this has convinced you to check one out here if you haven’t yet. I know I will be making this a tradition with family and friends!






What Do You Bring to the Table?

Well, believe it or not, Christmas Get Together #1 is in the books!

I always look forward to this time year to catch up with family that I haven’t seen in a while- and of course eat some good food (This is the South after all).

There’s one dish, well a dessert if we are being specific, that I wait for every Christmas and that’s my Aunt Elizabeth’s Potato Candy.  I’m not sure if you’ve had it or not but if you haven’t- don’t knock it until you try it! I’m pretty convinced that it’s one of the best things ever.

(Here’s a recipe if your curious- https://www.southernliving.com/recipes/potato-candy-recipe . )


Anyway, being around all of that food made me realize that we all brought something different to the table- much like we do in our every day lives whether that be with family, friends, work, church, etc. We couldn’t all have the same things or there would be no variety.

God made each of us with different interests, skills, and personalities not to set us apart, but to add what is exactly needed for a specific purpose.

So what do you “bring to the table?” Maybe it’s your sense of humor or your hospitable spirit. Maybe it’s your willingness to serve others or keep the kids entertained with lots of different activities.

If you don’t know what gifts you have yet, I pray that The Lord opens your eyes this Christmas season and allows you to see all the wonderful gifts he has given you- the ones that aren’t wrapped in paper with a pretty bow. Also (and speaking to myself here), may our eyes be opened to the wonderful things everyone else brings to the table as well.



And just in case anyone was wondering, I brought that peanut butter pie on the back left. 🙂